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The Office BBQ

Starting point – one picnic table and around 90 peeps to seat, my brain went into overdrive.

Quick pep talk to myself I remembered that I work for Fresh and our strong motto “where amazing things happen” is worded on the adjacent wall to my desk and proudly punches me in the face, daily……I can do this.

I announced my arrival to the Warehouse team. Greeted with a brew and free reign of rummaging around leftover displays I was literally in upcycling heaven.

They say somebody elses junk is another mans treasure. I took to listing. Plans for the balcony space took shape and some hidden gems found and no longer required, were donated to schools, womens refuges and the local charity shops for someone else to breathe new life into them.

In the knowledge that we were to change one of our meeting rooms into the famous recreation of Mojos (the bar that we are known to end up in after a Fresh party night out) I pulled a battered lime green chaise to one side and having visualised it reupholstered in a shocking pink fabric I decided I’d infiltrate it into the room to compliment the new wall vinyls.

Finishing floral touches around the office in our new brand colours has helped to cheer up the offices all that’s left now is to remember to water them!



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