fresh 5-a-side

It’s a typical Monday evening and the fresh 5-a-side teams are getting stretched and ready for another post work battle on the pitch.

It’s a mild, overcast evening; perfect conditions to clear away the cobwebs and get some exercise after the pressurising environment the events industry can sometimes create. So let’s get to the action!



Blue bibs
Jordan ‘runs all day’ Roberts
Chris ‘Smithers’ Smith
Paul ‘GRIM’ Grimshaw
Phil ‘Scouser’ Howell (Captain)
Barry ‘Stopper’ J

Orange bibs
Simon ‘Si’ Ashton
Pete ‘ The Scot’ Shaw (Captain)
Barry ‘Jagermeister’ Kenyon
Jamie ‘runner’ Rees

Rules: first to 5 goals = 1 set. Winner has the most sets after 60 mins.


Tonight’s match began in typically bizarre fashion as Barry K, after deliberating over his choice of sweaty bib for this week, scored practically the first kick of the game with some blatant goal hanging. The game stayed at 1-0 for some time as the teams eased their way into the match. Smithers equalised with a fine strike before Simon scored a cracker straight from kick off. Captain Phil then saw his volley fly in the corner to level the scores at 2-2 and from then on it was one-way traffic as the blues took control, taking the first set 5-2.

The second set started in much the same vain with the blues scoring 3 goals from quick corners. However, with the score at 4-1, the oranges attempted a spirited fight back! Another bizarre moment as Pete turned once, twice and a third time to avoid Grimshaw’s challenge like a ballerina on growth pills. Soon the oranges were back in it at 4-3 as the umpteenth shot flew not only over the bar but into the car park. Cue an earful for Simon from the rather eccentric sports club owner with his unique brand of weekly ‘banter’. Grimshaw finished off the second set after some frantic stuff to put the blues 2 sets up.

In the 3rd set the game turned on it’s head as some cracking finishes from Simon led to a quick lead for the oranges. Their confidence was highlighted by some audacious play as guest player Carl’s overhead flicks beat his markers.

Soon the set was theirs 5-2. However, as they looked to take the 4th set to equalise the match with time running out, the blues were allowed far too much space on the break and eventually ran out 4th set winners 5-1.

Final Score: Blues 3, Oranges 1 (5-2; 5-3; 2-5; 5-1)

And with that the stresses of a Monday filled with client deadlines and the drama of agency life is forgotten. 60 minutes when the focus is purely on sport and exercise, as well as a good dose of humour, does the freshers a world of good. The return to work on Tuesday is then with a truly ‘fresh’ mind ready for the creativity and dedication needed to make amazing things happen!


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