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Being Darren

With event and campaign budgets increasingly squeezed, how do we ensure that clients get the best return on their investment?

At fresh, we believe that using audience insight to inform a creative pathway is the best way to get desirable results. Here we explain how this worked in a recent internal comms campaign pitch, the results of which went live with our client this week.

Being Darren, Or, why it’s essential to inhabit your delegates.

Too often, agencies spend too much time pitching for themselves, their clients, their client’s bosses, a department, a division or, even more difficult (and guaranteed to make you have cold sweats), a cross-function working group

Typically, responses are designed around what will elicit the best answer or what will win the pitch and not what will change our audience behaviours for the better.


Surely this is inherently wrong? Shouldn’t, we start with Darren?

Every pitch needs a Malkovich, someone in the team who is willing to take on the life, loves and feelings of a typical member of the audience you have been asked to inform, educate and entertain.

This is not about broad-brush generalisations and our perceptions; this is about talking to and understanding the audience, using their thoughts, feelings and opinions to drive critical insights that help our creative and project teams produce an event experience that has a meaningful impact on our client’s audiences.

For a recent pitch, one of the team was Darren. They could have kept their own name as it was just as relevant, or they could have been Dave, or Doris, but at every stage we considered our ideas against the insights gained from knowing our audience. Good ideas were cast aside but great ideas that we loved AND matched Darren’s insights, hit the cutting room floor.


They wouldn’t have moved Darren in the way we wanted.

Once upon a time, we would have put in what we loved the most, rather than what we know would work in the best way. It’s the only choice we had given our level of knowledge and insight into our audience, so it made the decision easy for us.

Darren made the choice.

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