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Corporate events: 5 reasons an all-service events agency is better than a standard events agency

When it comes to putting on your own corporate events or internal engagement events, you want a little bit of everything.




The best theme, the best venue, the best food, the most exciting and motivating entertainment, the continued employee engagement, keeping up the momentum. But as you get into the planning, you quickly realise there’s no single thing that makes an event. In fact, it’s only in the combination of all these things, all those ingredients mixing together seamlessly, that the magic truly happens.

So when it comes to employee engagement events and internal communications, is it not time to think beyond specialists who only do one thing?

At Fresh, we’re a full-service communications and events agency based in Manchester. We don’t just have the depth of knowledge to deliver an awesome event, we have the breadth of experience to cater for the communication strategy that drives the event, as well as the continued engagement of your colleagues afterwards. If you haven’t seen the value in using a full-service agency, let us explain why we’re your perfect events planning partner.

Reason No. 1: full-service agencies are efficient

A full-service agency can offer the full kit and kaboodle. If you go too specialist, you’ll quickly find yourself in a pickle. A boutique agency might at first seem like a cheap option, but as your event expands and you bring in more and more elements such as content capture, live production, keynote speech coaches, you’ll be left using lots of different people for lots of different things. This is not only chaotic, but inefficient.

For example, say you’re planning a big employee event, and in the run-up you want to drive excitement by running teaser campaigns on Yammer, Workplace or the company intranet. Ask yourself: what works better? Hiring umpteen agencies for each part, or getting one to do the lot! A full-service agency can not only capture the creative needed to create the assets in the first place, but also deploy them perfectly. At the end of the creative process, you’ll be left with a bank of assets at your disposal, and you haven’t wasted a load of time and money to create collateral at the last minute.

Reason No. 2: full-service agencies are consistent

At Fresh, we’re all about keeping things consistent. When we’re doing an employee event, we look at the whole process: beginning to end, top to bottom. This means we not only have a birds-eye view of everything, making sure everything is working together seamlessly, but it also means we can capture your feedback the whole way through.

Feedback is crucial during events planning. All too often it is a breakdown in communication that scuppers events, which is why Fresh works to keep things as open as possible. Comments are actioned, learnings are passed on, and our internal branding experts brought up to speed. This means every part of your event, from the logos on the banners to the commencement video to the colour of the stage dressings are all in-keeping and consistent with each other.

Reason No. 3: full-service agencies are creative (in unusual ways)

Sure, there are creative agencies out there, specialists in design and whimsical thinking. But an event needs a creative approach the whole way through. You need creative strategy, creative comms planning, creative events management: it’s no longer enough to have each piece working in silo, they all have to be working in harmony, synced and integrated.

All-service agencies like ours have years of experience doing this, and we can bring this wealth of experience to bear. As well as using marketing methods to help generate a creative hook that will help a message resonate internally, we can also identify common snags and problem areas. For example, CEOs often want to give speeches but can be a little shy on stage. We often employ performance coaches to help them deliver their keynotes with style and pizzazz, telling their company story in a way that not only portrays them in the best light, but actually ties in with the theme of the event itself.

Reason No. 4: full-service agencies have access to the best resources

Like it or not, resources matter. While smaller agencies might struggle to get onto the best hook-ups, the best all-service agencies not only have access to the best products and services, they’ve spent years forging the relationships and partnerships with the suppliers you need to make a successful event.

Large agencies like Fresh have partners globally, which amongst other things means we can offer many more location options for your event, as well as providing ability to roll out employee events in different territories, at great rates. Agencies like ours also have larger teams, meaning if you need to scale up events last minute we have the ability to react and get the logistics sorted quickly and with the minimum of disruption. Pick someone small and boutique, you may be left hanging.

Reason No. 5: full-service agencies can properly measure success

When planning events, it’s important to know what success looks like. Too often, smaller or inexperience agencies just put a glitzy video on Instagram, and declare the whole thing a success. You could be thousands of pounds over budget, but so long as everyone looks happy, then no-one’s any the wiser.

At Fresh, when we work with our clients, we always like to set some KPIs in place and targets to meet. That way we can cover everything from how employees feel about an event, through to if they received the main messages of the conference. We’re also well-verse in the metrics associated with employee comms both before and after the event, which could include everything from email open rates and page/video views, all to weigh up if the comms were successful


In short,


if you’re looking to put on an employee event, a full-service agency is by far your best bet. And if you’d like to see what we can do, check out a little of our work at

Or just get in touch at: [email protected]


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