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“Festival Vibes” are Trending!

Rasha El-Shirbini

Head of Strategy

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Whether you are the ones sleeping in tents waiting to see your favourite acts, taking a selfie with the famous flower crown filter or turning on Netflix and watching Beyoncé’s epic “Homecoming” film…one thing is for certain, the festival vibe has been bigger than ever in 2019.




Rasha El-Shirbini

Head of Strategy

[email protected]

2019, the year of the festival!?

This isn’t just mirrored in the latest fashion trends this summer in the form the return of bumbags, glitter stencils and fringe, but it’s becoming a theme that more and more event organisers are recognising as a fantastic solution. Within the last decade, music festivals have grown into a major moneymaker in a very competitive space. This year, more than ever, brits have ventured to neighbouring European festivals, as well as heading over to the US to join in the Coachella celebrations. This is in-line with insights suggesting that millennials value experiences over saving for large ticket items such as buying a home (Delloite study 2019)

Festivals and Brand Experience

Sponsorship and partnership opportunities have increased with the rising trend in festival popularity. Brands recognise and continue to capitalise on the high-quality value a festival experience provides. Some argue that it is dawn of social media has had a large part to play in propelling the festival culture forward even further.  Specifically, by increasing the inclusive and shareable experience of music, the ability to engage directly with artists, as well as promote an event or new track in an affordable way, not to mention the ‘FOMO’ element social media indirectly triggers!

Coachella, The Ultimate Inspiration

This year, the teams here at fresh have seen an increase in the mention of Coachella in client briefs. More and more clients want to bring the same creative festival feel or energy to their events and brand activations, both for external and internal corporate projects. And why not? It’s a no brainer really. Everyone likes music, connecting with a live performance, enjoying a few cold ones and sharing a cool experience with a quick snap.

The most successful festivals have their own culture which is crafted beyond the line-up. This is the same of any successful brand experience and how it is brought to life during an event. So why has the festival theme become a more popular for industry and corporate events?

A quote by the great Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy, sums it up quite well. “Music is the shorthand of emotion” – and a festival set up is the perfect arena. Psychologists and neuroscientist have since proven the impact music has on people’s mood, energy and emotional responses – it is the perfect way to engage with an audience at a deeper level. Couple this with an idyllic setting such as festival and you allow people the freedom to roam around and discover, it only deepens the experience.

The skill, however, is in how to create a festival experience but ensure the brand presence or the key message isn’t lost among the celebration. That is where we focus our efforts for our clients and introduce key metrics that help determine if the brand has achieved the right level of cut through, or if the end goal has been met.

Festivals and 2020?

Looking ahead to summer 2020, we predict the music and festival industry will become challenged in an event of a no-deal Brexit, and it could lead to more local festivals emerging, but one thing is for certain, the need for a festival experience will still be as strong as ever.




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