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Flexible Working: What Is “Campus Mentality” All About?


Since championing the roll out of fresh’s campus mentality over a year ago, owner and MD, Patrick Howells is delighted to see the benefits this has had at fresh.




Positive wellbeing and having a good work life balance are themes most organisations are trying to address. Introducing a campus mentality, has really helped turn around the culture into being a people focused – creative force, trusting the teams to deliver this positive shift in work patterns.

What is a “campus mentality”?

A campus mentality is to empower teams and trust them to help fresh achieve business goals and provide excellent service every time. This method first drew inspiration from the way universities encourage independence, they trust the students to balance their own time between study, assignments and the partying. Partying aside, this principle to treat everyone as an adult and trust that they will get what they need to do, done, without focusing on start times, break durations etc… it helps break away from a corporate way of running a company, and frees up teams as well as management to get as creative as possible for our clients.

Flexible working for parents

“Parents shouldn’t feel stressed coming into the office because the school run took longer than anticipated, or worried what the manager might say because their child is ill and they need to leave a little early” claims Patrick, who is also a parent of three, “We have more to offer the best talent if they value working for a company that gives them that level of trust and the ability to balance their families as well as the work they love to do,”

At fresh, a higher number of mums return to work when compared to other agencies, another area a lot of British businesses are trying to improve on, especially in the agency sectors.

We are proud of our campus mentality, and hope it catches on. Read more about our campus mentality and it’s inspiration here.





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