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This week, we hear from one of our Project Directors – Michelle who will be discussing the matter of ‘likeonomics’… You may be thinking ‘what on earth does that mean?!?’ – well, read on to find out more! #likeonomics


Ok it’s not a word we’ve coined – we’ve borrowed it from the very marvellous Rohit Bhargava – Likeonomics: The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust.

It’s a book of truths, of simplicity, of transparency and keeping things personal; it very much matches our values:



Likeonomics is a measurement and gauge of likeability and likeability is in the most simple form being liked.

It’s about being personal, and not relaying on well rehearsed scripts, it’s about being yourself and rather than selling ideas, opening yourself up, your fears, your aspirations, your hopes, your ideas.

Please don’t think this leads to roll over Mr Nice Guy – Likeability isn’t about being nice, the very foundations are based on believability and trust. If people can trust and believe in you, they will want to work with you. Steve Jobs is a great example of someone hugely charismatic and likeable, without necessarily being nice.

People buy people. So share those unique personal moments, lose the scripts and let everyone get to know the real you.

More so likeability is contagious, hire likeable people and they will attract likeable people. When a team of likeable people join together they create great chemistry, great work and most importantly a desire to be worked with.

So if you want to work with, or for, fresh where amazing things happen, with a team who make likeability a way of life, get in touch?

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