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Looking Ahead: Internal Communication And The Constant Evolution




Any internal communications manager today would agree with the statement that Internal comms is an exciting place to be right now.

Internal Communications Today

More organisations are identifying the value in approaching internal communication, in the same way they approach their marketing activities and investing the same level of creative strategic thinking. Employee engagement generally has been flat in recent years. One cause for this lies in our increasingly complex workplaces. Virtual teams, dispersed colleagues, technology, and multi-generations and cultures have all added to this complexity, but the good news is that leadership teams are providing more investment to create a healthy internal culture with strong internal communications.

Internal communication campaigns have always naturally fallen in line with the employee engagement events we manage for our clients and more often than not, providing solutions to help amplify internal communication campaigns and create content for our client’s internal comms channels as part of these events has become the norm for us.

What does this mean for agencies?

More than ever before clients want an agency that understands the challenges faced by Internal Communications and HR teams, especially in large global organisations. Business transformation and culture change initiatives require a broader approach than creating and managing stand-alone events. The added value that we provide our clients with is looking for opportunities where events and continuous year round comms can come together, either side of the actual event.  We work closely with our clients to identify the opportunities to help make sure the key messages have not just landed, but are kept alive and can be measured.

Internal Communications Conference 2019

This year we are attending the Internal Communications Conference on the 18th of June, and are looking forward to hearing about the latest trends as well as the current pain points organisations are facing, making sure we keep our finger on the pulse.

“Our attendee list this year is our biggest to date and the number of key note senior-level speakers we have on board continues to increase year on year. It is set to be a fantastic day with an invaluable knowledge share on a wide range of innovative topics.” explains Annie Barker, Marketing Manager at Global Insight Conferences, “ This is partly because the culture of internal communication has shifted not only to be more open, with the rise of share-ability, but also more confident, in terms of showing the direct link to creating great work cultures and playing it’s part in business success.”

Joao Morais, the conference producer agrees and adds, “In a world of constantly changing internal communications trends, digital innovations and evolving workplaces, our in-depth market research has shown that it’s more important than ever to share best-practice and stay ahead of the curve. I’m thrilled with the response this year bringing together so many like-minded professionals to share real-life learnings and ways in which internal comms practitioners can actually deliver impressive comms, demonstrate true impact and guarantee their strategic influence.”

It’s going to be an exciting event, with many great talks and insights from brands like Nestle, B&Q, Sky, Channel 4, Bupa…the list is endless! And definitely one not to be missed if Internal Comms is your thing.

For full details on attending this event with us click here!

Stay tuned,

If you can’t make it don’t despair! We will write up a summary of our experience of the Internal Communication Conference as well as share some of the top trends to look out for!




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