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Over Branding: Does your event feel right?

Chris Smith

Creative Director

  - [email protected]

Depending on the type of event you are organising, you will of course be considering the brand experience you want to be associated to your event. Assessing everything from the venue, to the menu. One challenge is getting the balance right when it comes to brand presence within the experience.



Chris Smith

Creative Director

[email protected]


“To Logo Or Not To Logo?”

Luxury brands understand that their audiences prefer an event to feel exclusive and premium. Having a logo plastered everywhere might not be the way to go. Also, by focusing more on the experience as a whole, it allows more room for the audience to take in the message or the “feeling”.

This isn’t just limited to external events, but is also worth considering when creating internal events, such as employee conferences. On occasion we have been asked to remove the brand logos completely from any collateral to make an event special, exclusive and keeping an element of mystery to the outside world. However, when it comes to raising your brand profile at a large event filled with competitors, for example a huge technical exhibition or corporate event, you might need to display your branding and event logo on more collateral and in innovative ways to stand out.

Thanks to the latest technology with holograms, projection mapping, AR etc… there are more ways to get your brand seen by delegates in a sea of exhibition stands. Not only that, but there is more scope to add to the overall sensory experience of your event or brand experience.

It’s All In The Feels!

It is key to remember that a brand is not only memorable by just the way the logo looks – yes this is the consistent visual element which identifies the brand, however what is more important is the emotional connection that the brand creates with its audience. It is this that will cement it in hearts and minds.

Emotional connections to a brand are created by experiences, and positive experiences are what build successful brands. The way I approach all client briefs is take a step back and think of the feel of the brand experience we want to create. This is just as important as the way it looks on the surface. What people touch, see and hear will make this event more memorable and provide you with ways to make your event stand out. For example, a light installation walk-way that is interactive, responding to the noise level or movement of people walking through.

Finding Ways To Connect

Finding ways to create unique moments to connect with delegates and heighten the brand experience via sensory means, aesthetics, entertainment, communication or content, is where our specialities lie as an all-service agency. Where we like to start with any client brief is to look at the three key variables and determine what each event needs to “feel” like to resonate and be impactful.

In a world where the phrase ‘make the logo bigger’ has fallen into the design meme hall of fame, and the fight for your customer’s attention is fought more fiercely than ever, it is increasingly important to focus spend on creating memorable and positive experiences, not just competing to have the logo as visible as possible.

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