Bright Ideas

Refresh and reboot

It’s been a while in the planning – but good things come to those who wait and today we can unveil our new fresh approach.

And it’s more than just a new website…

We wanted to build on our 14 years experience and expertise in the events sector and ensure that we continue to be as fresh today as when we were born in 2004.

People know the name fresh, they know what we’ve done and how we work. We are an established multi-award winning company but we also know we need to constantly challenge the way things are done looking at how we create experiences for our teams, for our partners and, of course, for our clients.

And today we’re pleased as punch to deliver our fresh thinking which can be showcased through the new website – This brings to life the ‘new fresh’ and launches our vision of ‘making amazing things happen’.

Our new strategy has been born out of fresh insight which underpins everything we continue to do with our clients. How we think, how we create, how we make events happen. Our ‘joined up thinking’ is our DNA – it’s how we challenge, it’s how we do things differently, it‘s our creative process.

And it’s how we run our business.

Today we also launch fresh as an Institute for Higher Employment; taking our fresh approach to our clients through to our teams. The trust we place in our ‘freshers’ helps us attract and retain the brightest talent, ensuring we deliver a real alternative to clients. So we’ve uncapped holidays, we’ve scrapped traditional office hours, we can work from the office, from home or even from the airport. We know our people are our business – and therefore we need to unshackle them from archaic business principles in this increasingly fast-paced world.

We want to make amazing things happen…at work, with our clients and through everyone we come into contact with. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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