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What makes a delegate tick – tock – tick – tock?

Remember, delegates are unique …just like everyone else.


The truth is we are NOT all the same, we know that – but a delegate audience have similarities and connections. Well, for a start, we are all in the same room together (for now!) That might change in the future but more about that later.

It was a conscious decision to be in that room ready to hear what’s going to be said or shown. The main problem today though is that we are bombarded with messages and information 24/7. We can feel overwhelmed with options and lack the ability to concentrate. In fact we are suffering from a thing called ‘Infobesity’.

Some scary facts backing this up – office workers check their email on average 30 times an hour and we check our phone on average 85 times a day.
(I think I actually check it more!)

However all is not lost, the good news is that the brain can actually focus on a presentation for around 7 – 10 minutes before it needs a break.

So how do you make amazing things happen with such a window of attention span? How do you fill those minutes with engaging things for the audience and how do you give them a break from concentrating?

Well here at fresh we call it engagement mapping, a way in which we create peaks and troughs. From joy and focus, through to relaxation moments. It creates the perfect balance for a delegate to stay as engaged as humanly possible.

Of course there are other ways that we can help boost the engagement levels. We have an arsenal of techniques and tools at our disposal. From the style of presentation through to the way we use tried and tested technology and AV.

There’s nothing better than using light and sound to shake somebody out of a day dream or tapping into the human emotions to really make the information stick. In fact our human emotions are so primal the we’ll always be wired to pay attention to them. From happiness – to fear and surprise. Anger and disgust all the way to sadness and empathy. And the trick is to tap into these in just the right way.

I could go on for hours about this stuff and theres so much to talk about – from emerging technologies that might make the delegate world a virtual one through to the art of story telling so that the brains’ neural coupling kicks-in. And this stuff never goes out of fashion. Just last week Santander asked us in to manage a workshop on exactly this subject, and we’ve been working together since 2007!

In fact if you’d like to know more, get in touch here and we will be more than happy to share our thinking with you in a workshop setting, all free of charge of course as it’s about building relationships and showing you a different way of working – the fresh way.


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