Co-op Agriculture Shows fresh

Co-op: Festival Vibes 

Each year, Co-op attend and take part in agricultural across the UK to show their support for local farming and local suppliers in the UK. We have worked with Co-op on the shows for 6 years and we take pride in finding new ways to make the experience memorable for all who attend as well as meet Co-op’s objectives.

Farm Festival Feeling 

In 2019 we worked with Co-op to bring a fantastic festival theme to the agricultural shows for Co-op over the summer, which made a big impact with attendees and the supplier network that Co-op were working to strengthen.

Our events in numbers:

396,400 – The footfall

32,261  – Our visitors

98, 506 – Individual engagements

48,521 – Own brand food samples

24,000 – Local supplier food samples

328 – Exclusive lunches in the VIP area




An Award Winning Stand

We wanted to ensure the Co-op brand presence was memorable, avoiding the brand being lost in a sea of traditional white marquees and stands. Our creative team developed a unique and colourful solution that brought the festival vibes to each show, using bespoke kit that worked across both sites and allowed visitors to dwell longer and explore all of what Co-op had to offer.

There was something for everyone, from a BBQ station, to a DJ booth, a networking facility for farmers and suppliers with guest speakers, as well as educational activities and interactive games for kids. This led Co-op to be presented with Best Commercial Trade Stand award at the Royal Welsh Show, above all major competitors.

The layout we curated ensured people fully engaged with the key messages that Co-op wanted to deliver, namely promoting British products, biodiversity and local suppliers.  We also worked with Co-op to keep costs low by recycling older kit and using cheaper alternatives that worked well with the creative theme, for example using an Airstream from past events, re-branding and updating to ensure it was fit for purpose.

We designed and managed the experience including all the logistics, the catering and food sampling. We made sure the experience aligned with the brand’s direction as well as considered the objectives the different teams had at Co-op and made sure our solution worked for all.