We believe if we enjoy what we do it will be reflected in our work, so we have created a business culture that radically challenges the very concept of ‘work’.

fresh is a place where talent, bravery, honesty, energy, humour and respect thrive. Trust, however, is valued above all else. In this way work and play become the same thing.

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Hero’s Journey

As it’s National Storytelling Week, we thought we’d share some thoughts from our Content Director about how your presentation can be transformed through the art of great storytelling.

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Introducing our new Project Directors

Two amazing project directors joined our team recently to support our growing operations and expansion plans. We're delighted to introduce you to Collette Mellor and Hannah Collins! You can read…

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13 tips for onsite survival

We know working onsite can be the most satisfying part of the job. It's also one of the most challenging! Here are some of our top tips for onsite survival!

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Life without DMC’s?

In today's modern and connected world, have Destination Management Companies (DMC) become a “nice-to-have” rather than the “must-have” that they once were?

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Flexible Working

Returning from maternity leave can be a really hard time. Discover how our unique approach to flexible working has helped Debbie return to the fresh family!

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