Life without DMC’s?

Laura Lee

Director of Client Delivery

  - [email protected]

An industry magazine recently asked me for my thoughts on Destination Management Companies (DMC) for an article that they were writing. The journalist asked me whether, in this world of tightening budgets, DMCs have become a “nice-to-have” rather than the “must-have” that they once were.

Laura Lee

Director of Client Delivery

[email protected]

It got me thinking about the partnerships that fresh have had with DMCs over the years. With our extensive experience and the technology to liaise directly with anyone in any country, is this something we could go without? My answer is, unequivocally, no.

Here’s why a DMC is important…

At fresh, we make amazing things happen. We’ve got some great clients, and sometimes those amazing things take us overseas. We’ve delivered events for up to 80,000 attendees in over 40 countries. These have included conferences, product launches, incentives, expos, exhibitions and experiential events.

So, while we might go directly to a major hotel or venue in a well-known city, if we genuinely want to create amazing things, the expertise and knowledge of DMC’s remain invaluable.

Only a DMC has the ear-to-the-ground, current local knowledge that can put the event in a brand new or exclusive venue in a particular country. On top of this, they can advise on the cultural, economic and geographical factors that can have a massive impact on your objectives.

So, as an event producer, they can make your life a whole lot more comfortable, but is that just an expensive luxury? Again, I say no. In fact, I believe that a good DMC can save money in the long run.

With their network of local contacts and buying power, coupled with their ability to quickly and effectively troubleshoot onsite, a DMC can be more cost-effective than going without. I would argue that given the current economic climate, commercially a DMC is more critical than ever.

However, I will end with a note of caution…

Agencies must be cautious to select a DMC that can become part of the family during the planning and staging of an event. Increasingly, we’re seeing clients wanting to meet with DMCs to ensure that they understand their objectives and share their culture and values, so its essential to select the right one.

Existing relationships, recommendations, long-standing service delivery, financial stability, flexible and creative solutions and competitive rates are all factors in the selection of a DMC, but above them all is trust. At fresh we have a partner network of DMCs who share our belief in not stopping at excellent or exceptional events, but looking for what’s beyond.

I have personally worked with some of them for over 20 years, and know that I can trust them with my clients’ ambitions, helping us to make amazing things happen.

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